Subscription and rates

The subscription price depends on the number of account users. You can top up your balance by any amount or pay for the service a month in advance. When replenishing for several months, we give discou

How to activate a subscription to the service

There are several options:

  1. Pay the monthly cost of the service at your current tariff

  2. Pay for several months of using the service at your current tariff and get a discount

  3. Pay any amount, but not less than 100 rubles

Regardless of the activation method, the deposited amount will go to the account balance and will be spent daily according to the tariff: in accordance with the current user base for all connected channels.


The subscription cost is calculated by the number of user contacts in the Smartbot database (section "Users").

If, for example, your VK group has 10,000 subscribers, but there are only 100 in the Smartbot database, the tariff will be calculated from 100 people.

Users enter the contact database when they contact the bot or when they are loaded into the database directly through the "users" section.

If the number of users changes, the cabinet will switch to a different tariff in accordance with the new number of users and the daily charge amount will also change. Don't worry, we'll notify you in advance of charges.

What is included in the price

All tariffs allow you to use the functionality of the service without any restrictions.


  • Bots for Telegram, Vkontakte and Viber

  • Unlimited number of bots

  • Unlimited messages

  • Unlimited mailings

  • Free database of template scripts for various tasks

  • Unlimited number of independent projects within the cabinet

  • Unlimited scripts per project

  • Unlimited number of managers for joint work in the office Built-in integrations with YuKassa, YuMoney, QIWI payment systems, as well as support for native payments within Telegram

  • Integration with Prodamus and GetCourse

  • Calling bots from external services using Webhook

  • Custom service integrations using HTTP requests

  • Built-in SmartQuery programming language

Tariffs and prices

*if the entire month of use, the number of subscribers corresponds to this tariff.

Discounts and promotions

When replenishing for 3 months, a 5% discount

When replenishing for 6 months, a 10% discount

When replenishing for 12 months, a 20% discount

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