Working with the user

How to create user lists

With this action you will be able to add and remove users from the lists. Lists can be used in mailing lists, uploads, and script conditions.

The "Work with user" action includes two steps:

  • Add user to list

  • Remove user from the list

Select "Add to list" in the additional menu on the left or by right-clicking in an empty area of ​​the screen:

In the block menu (on the right) you can select an existing list...

or create a new one:

The list with all its members is available in the "Users" section.

There is also a separate subsection in which you can edit and delete lists manually.

So in Smartbot Pro, you can collect users into lists by interests. With this action, you can give a person the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter of interest (or, conversely, unsubscribe).

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