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Smartbot Pro is a set of marketing tools for instant messengers. Smartbot Pro is based on the Smartbot service for VKontakte, which is used by tens of thousands of VK groups.

Tasks that the smartbot solves:

  1. Sales automation via messengers

  2. Optimization of resources for user support in social networks

  3. Creation of sales funnels with branched logic, delayed events, collection of statistics and various tools for increasing conversions.

Bot scripts are the heart of the service.

Script is a sequence of steps that the bot performs in response to events, such as an incoming message in a messenger, joining a group on a social network, or paying for an item in your online store.

A script can be linked to multiple channels.

A channel is a medium for communicating with your subscribers. For example, a Telegram bot.

To launch a bot using Smartbot, you need to create a dialogue script and connect the desired channel. All this takes very little time.

The following articles describe in detail all the functionality of the service.

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