SmartQuery (SQ) is a scripting programming language created specifically to extend the capabilities of Smartbot chains.

Why do you need SmartQuery?

  • Creating complex conditions in chains (combination of AND and OR)

  • Working with arrays and dictionaries (promo codes, inventory, word guessing, shopping cart, ...)

  • Substitution of calculated values ​​in the text of messages (same as regular variables, but you can use arithmetic)

Some examples

# complex conditions
%sex% == 'male' and %ref% == '1' or %sex% == 'female' and %ref% == '2'

# work with arrays

# substitution of expression values ​​in message text
Your balance: {{ %balance% + %premium% }}

SmartQuery can be used everywhere where only ordinary variables could be used before: in the text of messages, in mailing lists, conditions and on landing pages.

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