Registration and personal account

Go to Here you can read about the service:

To get to the authorization page, click on the "Start for free" button:

After registration, a free trial period will begin, which is valid for 1 week.

During this time, all the features of the service will be available to you. After registration, you need to register an account. All your scripts and projects will be here. If you are a marketing agency, you can do separate projects for each client, and they will not overlap.

To register an account, select a name, domain, field of activity and click "Create":

After that, we immediately get into our personal account:

At this moment, the selected domain is already in the address bar. Now you can hit the constructor at this address.

Look: at the top right, you can see all the cabinets that you have already connected to. Now there is one cabinet - this is KTS_smarttest.

Initially, one main project was created, but you can create more. There can be several of them within the cabinet, the payment will be total from the balance of the cabinet.

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