Condition with options

Consider two main types of conditions in Smartbot Pro

Conditions allow you to branch your script, guiding it, depending on the received messages and variables.

For example, if a user came to VK, one chain can be launched for him, and another one for those who wrote in telegram.

To add a branch, let's create a simple condition block on the screen. You can do this by right-clicking in an empty area of ​​the screen, or through the left auxiliary menu.

Feature of multiple conditions

A multiple condition allows you to write many actions at once for different values ​​of the same variable. For example, you can make different answers to different greetings with just one block.

Or do a multi-level check of the score counter.

Multiple condition will save you screen space when you need to compare one variable (or message) with multiple values

Now you know how to use simple and multiple conditions in Smartbot Pro.

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