Acceptance of payment

In this article, you will learn how to link payment cabinets\wallets to Smartbot Pro and accept payments on them

Smartbot Pro supports the following payment systems:

  • Qiwi

  • UCassa

  • YuMoney

  • Telegram Payments

  • Prodamus

To receive money from clients, first we will link the necessary payment systems through the "Integration" section

Each wallet has its own linking instructions. We do everything step by step - and you're done!

When your wallet is linked to the bot, all that remains is to set up the issuance of payment buttons for the user.

In any scenario, create a "Send message" block and add a button

Click on the pencil icon to edit the button:

Select the button type "Create payment":

You can add multiple payment buttons at once:

Not difficult at all, right?

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