Change context

You will learn how to switch from one user to another, switch during communication to different chats within the same social network, from comments to private messages, and vice versa.

The context change block is created, like the others, by right-clicking in an empty area of ​​the desktop.

User change

In the "User" subsection, we choose whether to switch to another person or stay on the current one:

If you need to change the context to another person, select the "Change user" item and enter in the window that appears:

  • user link

  • or its id

  • or a mention

  • or a variable that stores one of the above.

One thing is enough for a bot.

You can not only enter user data, but also switch to the manager.

And in order to return to the previous user after changing the context, it is enough to create another "Change context" block and check the box "Return to the previous user".

Change chat

In the "Chat" subsection, we can change the chat in the channel where communication with the user takes place, as well as switch from comments to PM and vice versa.

In this case, you can both switch to a new person, or simply change the chat for the current user.

For example, within the framework of VK, you can switch between conversations: the user writes in one and receives an answer in another.

With the same success, you can switch from private messages of the group to comments and vice versa!

Remember that you can switch between chats only within the same social network: Telegram or VKontakte, but not between them

Context change is a powerful tool for users to interact with each other and quickly change the field of communication. We hope you find it useful in your projects.😄

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