Testing unpublished scripts

You can test different changes in the project without fear of breaking existing logic.

For example, you have several thousand customers using a bot. You need to make changes, but in a way that doesn't break the current script. For this, there is a draft and a clean draft of the project - the published and unpublished versions.

Pay attention to script cards:

On the notes with yellow dies, the status is written: “not published”, “there are unpublished changes”.

Below is written about inclusion in the published and unpublished versions of the project. This is done so that you can test new features of the bot when the previous one is already active.

Let's look at an example. I can change the message that the bot sends to the user in response to /star. Previously, the first line was written: "Hello!" I changed those words to "How do you do?"

If I write /start to the bot, I will see a new message:

To understand why this happens, let's look at the project settings. Now everything is clear:

Since I am a confirmed bot admin, I communicate with the unpublished version of the project. If you change this setting, the bot will respond to me in the same way as other users. You can also turn off a specific script in the published or unpublished versions:

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