Send a message

The "send message" action allows the bot to send text, emoji, buttons, and attachments to the user.

Right-click on an empty area of ​​the screen and select the action "send message":

Or select the same action in the left additional menu:

The "Send message" block will appear, and its settings menu will open on the right:

In the block settings menu, you can give a unique name to the action block, enter the desired message text, add buttons and attachments, and select the next block.


You can attach to the sent message:

  • image

  • video

  • audio recording

  • a voice message

  • sticker

  • document

  • other files

To do this, click on the paperclip icon to the right of the text input field:

In the attachment download window that appears, select whether to download the file from your device or via social networks. net.

Please note: if your account in the social network is not linked to Smartbot PRO, then you first need to go through authorization.

In the second case, you need to write in the LAN of your bot (in VK or Telegram) a special command /sb:upload

After that, your bot will enter attachment download mode. It remains only to send the files.

Uploaded files are available in the attachment selection window. Click on the one you need so that a check mark appears on the right, and click the "Add Files" button:

Our picture appeared in the list of block menu attachments:

Additional settings for the "Send message" action

In additional settings, you can enable waiting for a response from the user. In this case, the bot will not do anything until the person writes to him. You need to wait for a message if you ask the user a question or offer a choice.

You can also set a timeout limit.

Then a timer icon will appear on the block, and two ways to continue in the block menu: if the user managed to send a response and if the time has expired.

If you check the "Disable global search" checkbox, the user will not be able to move from the current script chain to another one by writing a command of another chain.

Don't forget that the bot always needs a message from the user to start working. So don't forget to bind actions to events:

This is how a possible message with an attachment in Telegram looks like:

And so in VKontakte:

Now you know how to send messages to Smartbot Pro!

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