Extract data

The "retrieve data" action is an indispensable assistant in obtaining and saving information. With it, you can extract any content from any string in a given format.

Let's add a block by selecting an action in the additional menu on the left or by right-clicking on a free area of ​​the screen.

The action block menu contains an input value, a message template, a filter, and a variable to write the data to.

The "Input Value" field is an indication of any string from which to extract.

If you specify the %message% variable as the input value when performing the action, the bot will take data from the subscriber's last message

Start typing the pattern and the filters will appear.

You can specify one of the filters and its settings, and then set a variable in which to write the received data.

In addition, you can set any string format and extract the necessary data from its parts using a template.

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