Switching to another script

In this article, we will look at how to navigate to blocks of different scripts.

"Move to another script" allows you to "redirect" the user to a neighboring script from the current thread.

Let's create a transition through the side menu, or by right-clicking on a free area of ​​the screen.

In the block menu, you can enter the name of the action and choose where to go.

Click "Create Transition". In the pop-up window, we need to select a script and a block for the transition.

It is important to give blocks unique names to save time when looking for the right one.

When the appropriate block is selected, click "Add"

Now the selected block is displayed in the "Transition" block menu:

It remains only to embed the block with the action "Transition" in the right place in the chain:

For example, first our user will go to the welcome chain (common to everyone); then select the "buy product" option, and the bot will send it to a separate script, where all the sale mechanics are worked out.

Similarly, the user will be able to return.

Now you know how to move the user between your scripts.

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