Data validation

Now let's find out if it is possible to set up data validation using the example of a phone number.

Option 11

In the "Process message" block there is a checkbox "Use template".

This way I can choose the format of the response that I expect from the user. For example, you can set the following pattern: "My phone is ". Whatever the user writes in place between "<" and ">" must follow a certain format. It can be a number, email, phone number:

If the user writes a message that does not match the template, an error exit will be triggered. Graphically, it is indicated by an exclamation point. Write a hint to the user:

Now the bot will explain to the user what is expected of him, and will again wait for a response.

Option 2

You can make it easier: add a button to send the phone. This is a native Telegram button that allows the user to send the number associated with the account. Please note that this option is available only in Telegram.

Now there is no need for data validation:

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