В этой статье мы рассмотрим, как Smartbot Pro работает с таблицами Google

You can interact with your google-sheets through the bot: enter information (in rows and cells), as well as retrieve it. You will need a google account.

Let's create a suitable action by selecting "Google Spreadsheet" integration from the left additional menu or by right-clicking in an empty area of ​​the screen. Please note that "Actions" and "Integrations" are separate sections.

Linking an account

When we select the desired operation, a block will appear in the center of the screen, and its menu will open on the right. Click on the authorization button to link your Google account to Smartbot Pro.

First, you will be prompted to select the desired account.

First, you will be prompted to select the desired account.

If everything went well, you will see this inscription.

You can close the tab with it.

Let's go to the Google account to create a table and make it available to our bot.

Open the account menu in the upper right corner, scroll down a little and select tables.

You can then select an existing table or create a new one.

Click on "Access Settings":

Let's open access to the table by reference. After that, copy it and paste it into our bot.

Adding a row to a table

We return to the settings of the Smartbot Pro script, to the Google Tables block.

Paste the copied link and hit enter.

New fields will appear.

In the case of writing to a table, this will be the choice of a sheet and variables for cells

Now let's make a simple chain: the user writes "Hello", the bot answers and enters the user's data into the table.

Getting data from a table

Getting data from a table works similarly. We insert a link to the table, select which cell (or range of cells) to read the data from, and indicate in which variable to write this information (in string format).

With the integration with Google Sheets, you can store all the necessary data (for example, phone numbers, addresses, and other information about orders) in one place.

Now you know how to use tables in Smartbot Pro!

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