Adding Viber

To get started, create a bot in Viber through the admin panel. Click the "Create Bot Account" button and fill in the fields:

Important: all correspondence and subscribers in Viber are tied to a phone number, so it must belong to the actual owner of the channel. Losing access to the phone is tantamount to losing the channel.

The item "The account contains adult content" means that your channel contains content for an adult audience. If you enable it, Viber will ask subscribers to verify their age.

Check all the boxes and click the "Create" button (Create)

Pay attention to the second point: this is an agreement to pay for Viber services in case of sending more than 25,000 messages.

When everything is done, you will receive your bot token in Viber:

It remains only to copy it and paste it in the "Channels" section of Smartbot Pro

Ready! Now you can communicate with your audience in Viber!

Some features of Viber:

  • inline buttons are not supported and are sent as regular buttons

  • The keyboard with buttons disappears after each new message (including debugging). Therefore, in order to test the transition on the button, you need to write the exact text from the button to the chat (it is better to copy this text directly from the constructor).

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