This article will show you how to connect amoCRM to your chatbot.

We have created a public widget for amoCRM users. To get access to all the features of our integration, install it.

When installing a widget in amoCRM, you only need to enter the token received in the amoCRM integrations section and click "Save".

All other settings of amoCRM bots are carried out on the Smartbot Pro website. You can find our widget in the amoCRM account settings in the integration section by typing Smartbot Pro in the search, or follow the link in the integration settings section.

To connect Smartbot Pro to amoCRM, you will need a valid amoCRM account. Next you need:

  1. Go to the section with integrations and select amoCRM

  2. In the modal window that appears, enter the name of your account in amoCRM. It can be obtained from the address in the browser, an example of a link: - where smartbot is the name of the account

  3. This window will appear with the points that you need to complete to complete the integration

Go to the settings of the Smartbot Pro application. In the “code word” field, you need to paste the token copied in step 3), click on the checkbox “I agree to the transfer of personal data from amoCRM to Smartbot Pro” and click the “Install” button.

After completing all the steps in the integration section, your account will appear

Create a deal

Using our constructor, you can create deals and add contacts to them. Go to the desired scenario, click on the "Integrations" section and select "amoCRM".

In the block settings that open, select an account in amoCRM.

Next, you can select the funnel to which you want to add the deal, and the status of the deal.

It is also possible to attach a contact to a deal, you can select an existing one from the contact list, or create a new one and attach it to the deal being created.

To do this, you need to enter the first and last name, as well as additionally a phone number and email.

Through this block, you can also add additional parameters to the deal in the “Name-value” format.

Deleting a deal

To remove the integration from Smartbot Pro, go to your account in amoCRM, in the installed applications section, find Smartbot Pro and click "disable"

Now you know how to use amoCRM with our bot!

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