In this article, we will tell you how to launch a segmented mailing list in Smartbot Pro

Newsletters are a useful tool for messenger marketing. With the help of mailing lists, you can notify customers about events, promotions, or simply congratulate them on the holidays 🙃

Newsletters are located in the main menu, here:

After creating a new newsletter, it goes to the Drafts section. A newsletter remains a draft until it is launched or scheduled for a specific time.

Scheduled mailings - mailings that you have already set up and scheduled for delayed sending to selected user segments; If the mailing is in the process of being sent or completed, then it is located in the Sent mailings section.

Creating Newsletter

Creating a mailing list Click on the "Create Newsletter" button in the upper right corner. A window with the name of the mailing will pop up. By default, the name of the newsletter consists of the date and time of creation, but you can change it.

Click "Create" and get into the mailing editing field. Initially, there is only one block - "Start mailing".

Enter the message that your newsletter audience will receive. You can attach buttons, attachments or add stickers to the newsletter message 😉

Mailing setup

To select the channel(s) where the mailing will work and set up recipient lists, click "Set up mailing list" in the upper right corner of the graph.

The mailing settings will open, where we can choose:

  • Which channel will be sent to. You can specify multiple channels on the same or different social networks

  • Lists of mailing recipients. These are the subscribers who will receive the newsletter in the specified channel

  • The black list allows you to exclude some users from the mailing list recipients - users from the lists specified here will not receive the mailing list. For example, these may be users who have previously unsubscribed from mailing lists and are on the "Unsubscribed" list.

You can set additional conditions for variables, as well as write complex conditions in the SmartQuery language. These tools will help you to target your mailings as accurately as possible.

Coverage estimate

Click the "Estimate Reach" button to find out how many of your subscribers qualify for the specified conditions and receive the newsletter.

If you ran a reach assessment and then changed user lists or conditions, reassess to see the most up-to-date data with the new settings.

Sending and scheduling mailings

When all the conditions are set, let's move on to launching the mailing list. The newsletter can be launched instantly so that subscribers receive it right away, or you can postpone sending by choosing the date and time when the newsletter will be launched. We will tell you in detail how to set up a newsletter in both options 👇

1. Instant mailing

Click the "Submit Newsletter" button to start your newsletter right now.

2. Delayed mailing

The mailing can be scheduled for a specific moment in the future or sent after a certain time.

Scheduled mailing will be available in the section of the same name.

Please note: on the right side of the list, you can cancel, copy and delete any newsletter.

Test mailing

A test mailing will help evaluate the content before the mailing goes to a large audience.

Test mailing will be received only by you as an administrator in PM. In this case, all conditions will be ignored - you do not have to meet them to receive a test message. Lists and conditions will work only when you start mailing to users.

To receive a test mailing, you need to specify the channel to which the mailing will be sent. After selecting a channel, sending a test mailing will become available. An obligatory condition for receiving a test mailing in a LAN is a linked account.

Mailing stats

To see how many messages were sent and delivered in a particular mailing list, go to the sent mailing list and click on the down arrow next to the mailing list you are interested in.

Complex scenarios in newsletters

Each mailing can include not only a message, but also a whole set of actions you need, as a complete script.

By default, a user who receives such a mailing will be removed from the chain in which he was at that time.

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