Telegram bot menu

We tell you how to make a menu in Telegram chat with commands like /start /help for end-to-end navigation - quick access to the most popular functions of your bot!

Ready-made commands are useful in that they make life easier for the user, eliminating the need for manual typing.

Here's how it looks in Telegram:

To use the menu, you need to click on the icon to the left of the message input field or write a slash / -- the bot will prompt the available commands.

Note that these commands have the highest priority. They will be executed even if the user was in another chain.

How to add a menu

1. Set up a channel

To create a command menu for a bot in Telegram:

  1. Go to the project settings on the "Channels" tab

  2. Click on the desired Telegram channel

  3. In the "Teams" section, click on the "Add team" button: enter the name of the team and its description.

The command format is fixed - /command. The slash is set by default, the command name can consist of lowercase Latin letters, numbers and _.

2. Set up the script


Great, now you need to configure the behavior of the bot for each command. To do this, add commands to the script.

Go to the desired script or create a new one, add the "Message from user" block and write the condition:

If the user's message is /command (any command you want here).

We connect this block with the action that should be performed when this command is selected (for example, with the menu block).

It remains only to publish the changes, and your telegram users can easily navigate in the side menu of the bot 👌

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