Actions in Smartbot Pro are steps taken by the bot in response to user commands.

There are 10 in total:

  1. send a message

  2. Process message

  3. set variable

  4. Extract data

  5. Write to statistics

  6. Run Smart Query

  7. Working with the user

  8. Switching to another scenario

  9. Scheduled transitions

  10. Write to the manager

Actions are added to your script screen as rectangular boxes.

There are two ways to add an action:

  1. Select the desired action in the additional menu

2. Right-click anywhere on the screen of your scenario and select the desired action from the pop-up window

A new action block will appear in the middle of your script screen. The right menu of block settings will open automatically.

Action blocks are connected by arrows.

In order not to look for the next action on the screen for a long time, you can select it in the block settings menu (on the right) in the "Next block" section:

All blocks of your script are displayed here. When you select the right one, the arrow will automatically connect the two blocks.

Quick Block Editing

Actions, like any other blocks, can be deleted, copied and pasted.

  • To delete an action, click on it and press the trash can icon in the block settings menu or press the DELETE key.

  • To copy a block, click on it and press CTRL + C or CMD + C (for mac os). A notification about copying blocks will appear.

  • To paste the copied blocks, use the key combination CTRL + V or CMD + V (for mac os).

  • To delete a connecting arrow, highlight it and press the DELETE button. Don't forget that the bot always needs a message from the user to start working.

Therefore, do not forget to associate bot actions with events.

When your script is ready, all you have to do is publish it.

From now on, it will work in the selected channel.

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