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In this article, we will tell you how to enroll people in Get Course and accept payments through Smartbot Pro

Get Course is one of the largest platforms for online schools. At its base is:

  • website and landing page builder

  • ready-made distance learning system (LMS)

  • payment acceptance

  • mailing lists

and other useful tools. So if you are teaching courses at your online school, Get Course will help you bring all the processes together in one place.

And with the help of our constructor, you can add students through social networks. networks and even accept payments from them.

Click on the "Integrations" section and select "Get Course"

Adding a user

To add a student, select this action and open the block. Next, you will need to select your classroom in Get Course.

Through this block, you can transfer and save the name, phone number, email, country and city of your client to Get Course.

Please note: contact information must first be collected and stored in variables. This is easy to do by sending several messages with questions and then processing them.

In addition, you can collect a lot of referral parameters to keep track of where customers got into the bot

Creating a payment

You can also accept payments via Smartbot Pro to your account balance in Get Course.

Just select this action in the integrations section and fill in the fields inside the block.

The link to the payment and the order number can be stored in user variables.

Through this block, you can also save many referral parameters to track the source of a person's referral.

Now you know how to use Get Course with our bot!

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