Scheduled transitions

With the help of scheduled transitions, the bot can postpone any action for the future right in the process of script execution, after which it can continue to execute the chain. When the right time comes, the action will work.

"Planned Transitions" includes two steps:

  • Schedule a transition

  • Cancel a planned transition

Both steps are created either by clicking in the additional menu (on the left) or by right-clicking on an empty space on the screen.

A planned transition works across all your scenarios. It can be set to a specific time on a specific date or set a timer.

The list of events for planning is opened by clicking on the "Specify planning block" button. In the window that opens, select the desired scenario and block.

Note: "Next block" is NOT a jump destination. This specifies the action that will take place after the bot schedules an event.

You can also select a block to "fall back" to in case the failover fails for some reason.

The transition can loop on itself. This mechanic is useful for reminding you of daily activities, regular bonuses, and other long-term activities.

To do this, in the block menu you need to check the box "Plan on repeated passage".

For example, this is how a looped accrual of bonus points once a day looks like.

Another use case: send a reminder to a person about an event (perhaps with a link to it), and after the event, a feedback form.

The advantage of a scheduled transition is that you can create a whole "schedule" of actions that the bot will perform, regardless of which chain it is in.

Cancel the transition

To remove a planned transition without deleting the block from the script, add the "cancel planned transition" action to the scenario minimap:

A new block will appear on the map and its menu will immediately open. Here you can choose whether to cancel one specific transition, or all transitions in the current scenario. In addition, you can cancel the transition for one user or all at once.

Click "Specify the block to be canceled", after which the script and block selection window will open. We find the right one and confirm our choice.

The block is automatically connected by a red arrow with a cancelable transition:

Cancellation of the transition is needed if the user later refused any action on the part of the bot. For example, he asked not to be reminded of the beginning of the webinar or left the event with daily activities.

Now you know how to work with delayed events in Smartbot Pro.

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