In this section, you will learn how to collect and track statistics in Smartbot

Collecting statistics allows you to track the performance of your scenario funnels. You can see at what stage of the scenario certain events occur: for example, users leave or, on the contrary, take a key action.

You can enter the statistics section from the project menu, where all scenarios are presented.

In the interface of the section, you can choose what to display on the chart:

  • What event (or several events) are you interested in. For example, how many messages were received from users.

  • What time range is needed (several days, a week, a month, etc.)

  • How many events happened, or how many users participated in them.

How to collect statistics

In the list of events, we can choose from several categories:

  • Blocks of statistics. These are the events that we ourselves created using the "Record event in statistics" action.

The label names are the blocks of statistics that we can create and subsequently view on the chart.

  • General events

In this category, you can see how many specific actions your bot performed in a given period: how many messages were written, how many variables were set, etc.

  • Named Blocks

Here, you can select a specific script block as a tracked event: how many times it was executed in a certain period.

  • Special events

In this section, your scheduled transitions (i.e., "schedule delayed transition" and "cancel" actions)

You can select any number of events to display on the chart, as well as download the table as a file for each of the selected events.

Now you know how to interact with statistics in Smartbot Pro!

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