Initial scripting tools

After creating an account, you are taken to the script screen. This is the main screen from which all interaction occurs. Initially, you will already have a Smartbot FAQ script created. A script is a graphical representation of a user's dialogue with bots in the form of a flowchart. The user can use a template or create a completely custom script.

Flowcharts consist of chains of bot actions. Chains start with events - some user actions. For example, chat messages:

Now, if the user writes in the chat: “What a smartbot can do”, this event will fire. The bot will follow the arrow and send a message:

Note that there are already many different chains in the original script.

There are questions here: “What a smartbot can do”, “What kind of business is a smartbot useful for”, “What social networks does it work in”. After each of these questions, the bot will run the appropriate chain of scripts.

You can do the same - create many answers to frequently asked questions about your product or service.

Pay attention to the message comparison mode. In the example above, it is set to “similar to”, but there are others:

The "looks like" mode is responsible for fuzzy matches. If the user makes a mistake, misses a word in the request, or even writes something similar in meaning, the bot will still understand it with some degree of probability. So you can make a bot that will communicate a little more freely.

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