This section allows you to track your users' data in Smartbot Pro

You can enter the section from the menu of your project

People are displayed here, which can be sorted by lists, channels and chats.

By default, the "All users" list includes everyone who has interacted with your bot, regardless of whether they subscribe to the community. It is enough that the person wrote to you.

You can select a specific list of people to view and a channel (VK group/telegram channel)

If you click on a username, an auxiliary menu will appear on the right with detailed information about him: what local variables he has, what lists he is in, what chats he has been in, and what pending events are scheduled for him.

Knowing the user id, you can add him to your list yourself, even if he did not write anything to your bot.

In addition, users can be added and uploaded by an Excel spreadsheet.

The main thing is that when loading the table, one column contains user names, and the other contains their ID numbers.

Now you know how to work with users in Smartbot Pro!

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