User variables

There are 2 types of variables in Smartbot Pro: user (i.e., each user has its own value) and global (the value is the same for all bot users). In this article, we will talk about the first

User variables are anything you can create and assign to your clients, for example:

  • %Bonuses% (counter replenished with each target action)

  • %Status% ("buyer", "interested", "regular customer")

  • %Test passed% (current user status with yes-no values)

These variables are created by you depending on your needs.

You can use variables in conditions by branching script logic

To create a variable, go to the section of the same name and click "Add Variable"

Select the desired type of variable, enter the name and make sure that the access level (lower window) is "User variable"

You can find out what types of variables are in Smartbot Pro here.

Now the created variable will be individual for each user of the bot.

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