Script templates

You will learn how to use ready-made scripts

Smartbot Pro has publicly available script templates: bot menu, lead form, registration for services (the list will be updated!)

A template is a ready-made script, the basis of your chatbot. All functions are already configured. You only need to adapt the template for yourself: add texts, media files, if necessary, give your names to lists and variables.

There is no need to figure out how to create a bot from scratch when there are ready-made examples. Use them!

The catalog of available templates is in the "Scripts" section 👇

To add a template to your project and access its editing and customization, click "Use". The button is available both from the catalog and after previewing the template.

Once you have added a template to your project, you can edit and add to it.

Next to the blocks that can cause difficulty, there are text explanations. They will help you get used to Smartbot Pro functions even faster and solve even the most complex business tasks.

If you haven't found a suitable scenario, but you know which template would be useful to you and other users - write to us! We will complete the catalog

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