Special Variables

In this article, we will talk about built-in variables that allow you to get special parameters: username, page id, local time, etc.

Special variables do not need to be created - they are in the bot initially.

You can see them in the "Variables" section on the first tab:

Special variables include:

  • %message_text% - user's message text

  • %first_name% - Username

  • %time% - local time

  • %weekday% - day of the week

  • and about 30 other parameters that the bot can automatically substitute.

For example, the special variable %first_name% can be used in greeting and communication (the bot will substitute the client's name from the social network itself), and %weekday% can be used to check if today is a working day or not.

If you have just started working in Smartbot Pro, we advise you to look into the special variables section.

It is likely that the parameter you need can be obtained without manually creating additional variables👍

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