In this article, we will look at what cabinets are and why they are needed.

When registering in the service, you indicated the name of the account and the domain to access it.

The cabinet brings all your projects together inside a smartbot. The account contains a balance to pay for the service.

You can give access to the account (and therefore to all projects inside the account) to other users. To do this, go to the account settings by clicking on the smartbot logo on the main screen:

In the settings you will see all managers and their roles within the cabinet.

Using the form on the right, you can give access to your account to other users. Enter the user's email and the desired role and click the "add" button. After that, a letter with a link will be sent to the specified email, by clicking on which the user will gain access to your account.

There are 6 roles in total:

  1. Owner - manages cabinets, managers and projects

  2. Administrator - manages projects

  3. Editor - edits project scripts

  4. Observer - Views project scenarios

  5. Balance manager - deals with payments

  6. Guest - there are no rights in the office

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