In this section, we will explain what projects are and why they are needed. Consider project settings and how to give access to them to other users.

What is a project

Pay attention to the column "Project" in the header of the service:

The project combines channels, scripts, variables, subscribers and other service settings within itself. The project allows you to differentiate access rights.

You can create different projects for different advertising campaigns so that they do not overlap and it is more convenient for you to manage the operation of the service.

In addition, you can give access to the project to other users of the service. Then these users will be able to create and edit scripts within the project.

To switch between projects, click on the arrow next to the current project in the service header and select the desired project.

To go to the settings, click on the "Settings" item in the left menu:

You will see the settings interface with the tabs "Settings", "Managers" and "Channels".

Let's consider them in more detail.

Project settings

Bot enabled

This setting controls whether the bot is running and what messages it will respond to. You can completely disable the bot by unchecking this item, or choose who it will reply to (all or only admins) by clicking on the appropriate item.

Debug Mode

This setting allows you to enable debug mode.

Debug mode means that the bot will write debug messages to admins during communication. Debug messages provide information about what actions the bot is performing and why. This is useful for finding errors in scripts or checking the bot's performance.

You can specify where the debugging mode will work: only in the LAN with the bot or in all chats where the bot is present. Example: in VK you can write to the group's LAN or to the conversation where the bot is installed. The setting regulates in which case the debug mode will work.


The time zone is used when working with all the time settings of the service, for example, when scheduling mailings or when using time variables.

Probability threshold

This setting is used in the "similar to" comparison mode in conditions. The higher the value, the more closely the subscriber's message and the specified text must match.

Message processing order

Sequential message processing will be needed if you use global variables that can be changed by several users at once. For example, if you store a certain number of "likes" in a global variable and your followers can "like" something through bot actions, then it is important that these likes are stored consistently so that the value is always up to date.


Using the managers section, you can restrict access to the project:

The list displays all managers and their access level. There are 2 levels available in total:

  • Observer - such a user can only view the project (scripts, variables, statistics, ...), but not modify it.

  • The editor is a full user of the project, he can make changes to the scripts.

To add a user to the project, fill out the form on the right and click "add manager". An invitation to the project will be sent to the specified email address. After that, the user will be able to enter the service and your project will be available to him.


A channel is a medium for communicating with your subscribers. For example, a VKontakte group or a telegram bot.

The article "How to connect the messenger" describes in detail what channels are.

In the channels settings, you can view all the channels used in the project and add new ones.

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