Variable %ref%

Here we will tell you how to create referral links based on Smartbot Pro

First a little theory

A referral link is a link that contains information from where the user follows it.
For example, we place a link in an advertising campaign, and users get to our bot through it.
The bot reads the link, extracting the %ref% parameter, which specifies the referral source.
Description of the %ref% and %ref_source% parameters can be seen in the "Variables" section:

How to use it?

Write a link like this...
  • For VK groups:
  • For Telegram:
Instead of "group" or "channel" - the name of your community from the address bar. After the = sign, indicate in Latin letters the source where you place this link, for example, "advertisement".
So the finished link might look like this:
  • https://vk.me/club192634149?ref=advertisement
  • https://t.me/smartbotpro?start=advertisement
After clicking on the link, the "reklama" parameter will be saved as a person's user variable, and in the future, the parameter can be used for conditions in the script.
Now you know how to create and apply referral links in Smartbot Pro!