VK Events

Here we will tell you how to set up a bot to respond to likes, reposts, joins and exits from your VK group

The list of VK events is in the left menu, in the "Events" tab:

Like/remove like and repost

The event works only for VK channels

With the help of this event, you can earn points for likes and reposts, as well as prevent cheating by deleting likes.

If the publication, like most VK posts, consists of text and a picture, the like reaction will work twice (on the post and on the picture).

To make your bot react to a specific post, open the block and select "Object ID condition". Here you can also select the type of object: post, picture, video, etc.

Deleting likes and reposts works the same way.

Joining/leaving a group

Only available for VK groups

You can configure the action that the bot will perform if a person joins a group or subscribes to a community, for example: give him a bonus (by changing a variable), record an event in statistics, or send a message.

Please note: a message will be sent to the user's LAN only if he has allowed the group to write to him in the LAN.

If the user has unsubscribed, the bot can send them a “farewell letter” or a survey to understand the reasons for unsubscribing.

In such a simple way, you can apply VKontakte events!

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