Applications, variables and managers

In the previous lesson, we asked the user for a phone number and saved it to a variable. The variable can be immediately transferred to the administrator.

In the script, add the "Write to manager" block and link it to the previous one. Then the bot will send you or the selected manager the specified message. You can also forward a message from a user.

We tell the manager that a new application with a phone number has arrived and we remind you what needs to be done:

Here I also select the managers to whom I need to send a message, and channels. I can choose a channel with another bot, and then a message about a new application will come from him.

To do this, select a channel:

And now, if we register a phone in the first bot, the second one will write to us:

Please note that the bot can work in Telegram, but send messages to VK or other channels - for example, Viber.

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